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Hannover Engagement Photographers

When it comes to our work as wedding and engagement photographers, one of the best things about where we live in the Hannover, Germany, metropolitan area is the area’s proximity to nature. Our apartment is in Altwarmbüchen, which is located on the very northeast edge of town and is surrounded by farms, protected woods and several small and medium-sized lakes. It is not the greatest place for nightlife, but it is a fantastic area for taking stunning images of fiancés and newlyweds amid the beauty of the Northern German outdoors! There is no shortage of leafy and sun-speckled forests, pristine bodies of water and glorious fields of flowers in which to create couples portraits that make the two people who are tying the knot look fantastic.

Since we came to Hannover from our home city of Washington, DC, we have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to photograph dozens of fiancés and newlyweds in beautiful venues and locations all around Isernhagen. We have done several engagement sessions on the pathways that encircle the Altwarmbüchener See, a lovely lake very close to our house, and have even taken photos of one couple wading in its waters with their wedding clothes on. We have captured images of two fiancés holding one another just outside of town in a meadow filled with delicate yellow flowers. We have also created stunning photographs of future spouses in the woods on the outskirts of the eerily beautiful Altwarmbüchener Moor.

One of our favorite spots in the Isernhagen area, though, is the Kirchhorster See — a small lake near the border between Altwarmbüchen and Kirchhorst, two small towns that are part of the larger Isernhagen municipality. The Kirchhorster See has a nice grassy area where locals can have a picnic; a charming, tree-lined pathway that runs around its circumference; and calm waters that are frequently filled with ducks and geese during the summer months. Most importantly for what we had in mind for this particular couple’s engagement photography session, the Kirchhorster See also has a T-shaped dock that extends about 20 meters into the water.

We had started this future bride and groom’s engagement shoot a couple of months earlier, but had had to abandon it before getting all the shots we wanted, because the cold and wind of wintry Hannover afternoon made the whole experience unpleasant. Even though the spouses-to-be were great sports throughout, it was clear that they having a hard time keeping warm. The picture that we really wanted to take of them was an aerial shot using our DJI Mavic Pro drone, so once the weather turned warmer, we took them back to the Kirchhorster See to finish their engagement portrait session. As we have mentioned elsewhere on this website, we have learned that, generally speaking, drone photography works best when the subjects are lying down and their faces can be seen. With that in mind, we asked these lovely spouses-to-be to stretch out on the surface of the dock and cuddle up close to one another. We flew our drone up above them and took numerous pictures of the two of them holding each other close.

What we especially love about the images that our drone captured is the way the empty water around the future bride and her groom-to-be makes them appear to be only two people in the universe. We have often noticed that when two people love one another enough to commit themselves to a lifetime together, the rest of the universe just melts away when they are in each other’s arms. As a result, images like this that communicate that are among the most unforgettable wedding and engagement photos around.

Location: Isernhagen, Niedersachsen.

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