Best Wedding Photographers in the DC Metro Area
Potok's World Photography

Best Wedding Photographers in the DC Metro Area

Because our own individual histories involve lots of living and traveling around the globe, being international wedding and engagement photographers has been a priority of ours since the moment our company opened for business. We are a husband-and-wife team who come from disparate cultural backgrounds, and were born and raised in two different countries. Over the course of our adult lives, we have also lived and worked in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America, and we speak a half-dozen languages between the two of us. Though we consider Washington, DC, and its surrounding areas (including Baltimore, Maryland, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) to be our home market, we also photograph brides and grooms in our second home area in Northern Germany and are always willing to get on a plane to help a couple document their marriage celebrations in whichever corner of the globe best fits their vision of their dream wedding.

With that in mind, we aim to market ourselves to brides and grooms looking for wedding and engagement photographers with international experience, and we consider it a particular honor to win awards for wedding photography that celebrate the best in worldwide wedding and engagement photography. As it turns out, we were lucky enough to receive just such an honor in 2018.

The Wedding Photographer Society is a professional wedding photography association that helps brides and grooms from around the world pick the best photographer for their wedding by providing them with a list of outstanding wedding photography professionals who produce images judged to be beautiful, stylish and above all, unique. Every year, The Wedding Photographer Society reviews the work of all of its members and identifies the best of the best: the 100 wedding and engagement photographers whose work stands out from the rest. The organization then ranks those photographers from 100 to one and publishes an online magazine that highlights the images that those winners have taken.

In 2018, we were honored to learn that The Wedding Photographer Society had chosen Potok’s World Photography for inclusion on its Best of the World Top 100 Photographers List and had ranked us as the 46th best wedding and engagement photographers in the world for that year. We are always gratified to be recognized for the effort we put into creating unforgettable portraits and photographs for the brides and grooms who hire us, though we often feel that any awards that we might win are due more to how beautiful our clients are than to any special skills that we possess!

That said, because we have the aforementioned international background and business with an international focus, we are extremely happy to be featured on a prestigious list of colleagues with similarly international outlooks. We are also pleased that our inclusion in this select group of talented wedding and engagement professionals helps brides and grooms find a pair of experienced, professional wedding photographers with a commitment to capturing the most meaningful moments during a wedding celebration as they unfold.