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Best Wedding Photographers in the DC Metro Area

Our lives before becoming DC wedding photographers involved lots of living and traveling around the globe. We are a husband-and-wife team who come from disparate cultural backgrounds. More specifically, we were born and raised in two different countries. During our adult lives, we have lived and worked in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America. We speak a half-dozen languages between the two of us. Traveling and working abroad feels as natural to us as photographing weddings in the DC area.

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Because of all this, serving international brides and grooms has been a priority since our company first opened for business. We are always ready to get on a plane to help a couple document their marriage celebrations in whichever corner of the globe best fits their vision of their dream wedding. Obviously, we consider the Washington DC metro area our home market. We also offer wedding photography to couples in nearby Baltimore Maryland, and Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Over the past couple of years, however, Northern Germany has become something of a second home for us. It is where Anji is originally from, so we have a natural connection to it. As such, we have traveled to Hannover Germany, several times now to photograph marriage celebrations there.

We have really enjoyed taking pictures of German weddings. And we continue to market ourselves to brides and grooms looking for a Washington DC wedding photographer with international experience. We therefore consider it a particular honor to win wedding photography awards that celebrate the best in worldwide wedding photography. As it turns out, we were lucky enough to receive just such an honor in 2018.

The Wedding Photographer Society is a professional wedding photography association that is a resource for future spouses around the world. It helps brides and grooms pick the best photographer for their wedding by providing them with a list of qualified professionals. The association aims to give them access to photographers whose images judged to be beautiful, stylish and above all, unique.

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Every year, The Wedding Photographer Society reviews the work of all its members and identifies the best of the best. As a result of that process, the organization finds the 100 wedding photographers whose work stands out from the rest. The judges then rank those professionals from 100 to one. Finally, the group publishes an online magazine that highlights the images that those winners have taken.

In 2018, we were honored to learn that The Wedding Photographer Society had chosen us for inclusion on that list. They ranked Potok’s World Photography 46th on its Best of the World Top 100 Photographers List for that year. As you can imagine, that was a huge honor for these DC wedding photographers. We are always gratified for any recognition of the effort we put into creating unforgettable portraits and photographs for the brides and grooms who hire us. We do often feel, though, that any awards that we might win are due more to how beautiful our clients are than to any special skills that we possess! Any Washington DC wedding photographer knows that great photos are largely the result of great brides and grooms!

That said, we are extremely happy to be featured on a such a prestigious list of qualified colleagues. We are even more pleased that those fellow photographers share our international outlooks. As we mentioned above, serving clients around the world is a big priority of ours.

We are also content if our inclusion in this select group of talented wedding professionals helps brides and grooms find a pair of experienced, professional wedding photographers with a commitment to capturing the most meaningful moments during a wedding celebration as they unfold.

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