Innovational Woodsy Wedding Portrait
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Innovational Woodsy Wedding Portrait

The Washington DC metro area is full of great wedding venues in bucolic settings. So if you’re a fan of woodsy wedding portraits like this one, you’re in luck! You won’t have to look hard to find a location set in one of the DMV’s gorgeous forests. But not every wedding photo in the woods is the same. No matter how stunning the backdrop is, your portraits need more than that to really stand out. They need creativity, inventiveness and a hint of magic. That X factor that makes it so that you cannot look away. And for that, you need wedding photographers who specialize in innovational pictures. Professionals who do whatever it takes to make your portraits as special and unique as your love story. Artists who can give you photos like this one.

Why You Deserve Innovative Wedding Portraits

Before we talk about what we did to make this particular image unforgettable, we want to emphasize that your wedding photos really need to be one-of-a-kind. We’ve written about the reasons why at length elsewhere on this website. But just to sum it up, your relationship is truly unique. Your love story isn’t like anyone else’s is or ever has been. So you shouldn’t settle for pictures that are just ordinary. You just can’t. You and your love story deserve truly innovational wedding portraits. So make sure you pick wedding photographers who are committed to giving you those.

Woodsy Wedding Photos at Historic London Town and Gardens

We’d like to think that this picture shows the kind of innovation that we’re talking about. And a bit of how a forest setting can make your wedding photos beautiful! It’s from a wedding at Historic London Town and Gardens, a picturesque venue near Annapolis MD. A sizable portion of the property is dedicated to the Woodland Garden. Though from a distance it appears similar to any Maryland forest, a closer look reveals just how unique it is. Among the towering native trees are magnolias, camelias, dogwoods, rhododendrons, viburnums, spring bulbs, woodland wildflowers and perennials. It is about as gorgeous a setting for your wedding portraits as you could ever want. And this woodsy area is big enough that we could spend hours taking your pictures there and not run out of lovely spots.

What’s nice about that is that even more basic portraits of you are stunning. We try to start your formal wedding photos with some easy “warmup” poses, so it’s awesome when the surroundings as gorgeous as the Woodland Garden is. That’s what we did with these newlyweds, and those images were absolutely beautiful.

Innovational Forest Wedding Portraits

Once the couple felt into the groove of having their pictures taken, we started experimenting with more creative ideas. As we mentioned above, we will do whatever it takes to make sure that your portraits are unique, memorable and one-of-a-kind. In this particular case, that meant getting down (literally) and dirty (almost).

Down the hill from where this couple tied the knot is a lovely patch of woods near the South River. Growing under the massive trees in that part of the Woodland Garden are some unique plants with disproportionately large leaves. They are also heart-shaped, which seemed fitting given the occasion. One look at them, and we could see the creative possibilities.

We decided to frame the newlyweds in the little notch at the top of the “heart.” That would have the combined effect of drawing attention to the subjects and turning the rest of the frame into a dreamy, colorful haze. The only catch? The leaves weren’t that high off the ground.

That didn’t matter a bit to us. Like we said, we will do what we need to get you innovational wedding portraits. Even if that means rolling around on the ground. (We didn’t in this particular case, but we would have if necessary!) And while we were down there, we discovered that making that effort paid off in another way. Crouching down like that added a very dramatic angle to the portraits. Just one more element that helped make this woodsy wedding portrait so unforgettable!

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Location: Historic London Town and Gardens, 839 Londontown Rd, Edgewater, MD 21037, United States.

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