Multicolored Candid MD Indian Baraat Wedding Image
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Multicolored Candid MD Indian Baraat Wedding Image

As wedding photographers, we bring the same level of commitment to every part of your wedding day. If you’ve included it in your timeline, then it matters to you on some level. Perhaps more importantly, no one can say exactly when meaningful moments are going to happen. Any instant could be the one that you’ll want to remember forever. So we bring our A wedding photography game from the beginning of your marriage celebration to the end. At the same time, we are human. We do have our favorite parts of a wedding day to photograph. And when it comes to Indian weddings, the baraat is way up at the top of our list. (We’ll get into the reasons in more detail below.) But long story short, it gives us the opportunity to create some really magical photos. Like this mulitcolored candid wedding image from an Indian celebration in Maryland.

Why Indian Baraat Wedding Pictures Are So Unforgettable

So why is the baraat one of our favorite elements of an Indian wedding to document? (For those unfamiliar with South Asian marriage celebrations, a baraat is the formal arrival of the groom to the wedding ceremony. His family leads a lengthy procession to the venue with the man of the hour on a steed of some sort. Traditionally, this meant an elephant. But in the US, the groom typically arrives on a horse or atop a convertible luxury car. The entire way, music blasts and the family dances, sings and celebrates.)

Anyway, here are a few reasons why Indian baraat images are so captivating:

  • The movement. There’s a lot of familial pride on the line during a baraat. Everyone is judging how much energy the groom’s side brings to the celebration. So the entire procession thrums with movement and excitement. Which means photos with motion and vitality.
  • The chaos. With so many people dancing and partying in such a relatively small space, the scene gets pretty crazy. Everywhere you look, there’s a different scene playing out. An older couple dancing. A group of guys hosting a cousin into the air. Traditional drummers pounding out intoxicating beats. It’s a documentary wedding photographer’s dream!
  • The emotions. An offshoot of the lively and chaotic celebration is an overwhelming outpouring of emotions. Even for a wedding day, there are a lot of smiling and laughing faces! So getting images with killer emotional content is super easy!
  • The colors. Indian weddings are nothing if not colorful. They are a feast for the senses in almost every way. But how it dazzles the eyes is perhaps the most memorable and obvious. And not surprisingly, that looks absolutely great on camera! Especially when your wedding photographers specialize in colorful images.

Multicolored Candid Image from Indian Wedding Baraat in Maryland

Of course, it doesn’t hurt when a couple finds a way to add even more color to their baraat! The couple in this photo had an absolutely awesome idea for how to wrap up their baraat. When the groom’s procession reached the entrance of the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center in Maryland, the bridesmaids assembled at the front door. As the groom descended from the luxury auto that was his “steed,” the ladies uncapped smoke bombs and shrouded the entrance in a cloud of color. And from the haze emerged the bride. She joined her future husband in the crowd and danced to the delight of all present.

Then the bride and groom grabbed a pair of smoke bombs from the bridesmaids. They waved them over their heads as they danced their way around the corner. The crowd followed, dancing and celebrating the entire way.

It isn’t just the multicolored smoke bombs that makes this such an impactful image. It’s the way it captures everything that makes a baraat so special. There’s movement. We caught the bride and groom mid-twirl, waving the smoke bombs in the air. There’s chaos. Smoke always lends an air of mystery and confusion to any scene. There’s emotion. The excitement and joy on the bride and groom's faces shines right through. And of course, there’s color!

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