Unscripted Humorous Image of Dog at Wedding
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Unscripted Humorous Image of Dog at Wedding

TL;DR Only an unscripted wedding photographer can preserve the most humorous moments from your day. Oh, and dogs make a great addition to your celebrations. And are easier to include than you think!

The most humorous wedding-day images are always unscripted. One of the things we’ve learned in our time as wedding photographers is that you can’t force funny. It just has to happen naturally. Even when you plan something designed to make your guests laugh, there needs to be an element of spontaneity. Something unexpected that surprises people a little bit. Do you value wedding photos that will make you chuckle even 30 years from now? Then hiring documentary wedding photographers is your best bet. Only professionals who focus on capturing candid moments can preserve comical scenes as they play out. If we were the type of photographers who only did “staged” pictures, we never would have gotten this unscripted humorous image of a dog at a wedding, for example.

Why Dogs at Wedding Rock!

Before we get into what makes this image so funny and special, let’s talk briefly about why having your dog (if you own one) be part of your wedding is such a great idea. For starters, they’re really darn cute! Who doesn’t melt when they see a four-legged friend running around at a wedding? As pet parents ourselves, we confess that we sure do! And as an added bonus, you can train your dog to be an actual participant in your marriage celebrations. (Our pets are cats, and we’ve always wanted to include them in our special events. But we’ve had them long enough to know the futility of that wish!)

More importantly, though, your dog is often a very important chapter in your love story. If you adopted him or her after you officially became a couple, then that probably was a very significant step in your relationship. It was a sign of a deepening commitment and an expectation of a shared future. With that in mind, it would be impossible to tell the world how you arrived at the altar without them being present. So if you can find a way to bring them into your wedding, you won’t regret it.

Getting Ready With Your Dog Around = A Great, Stress-Free Option

If your dog participating in your wedding ceremony, couples portraits or reception doesn’t fit with your plans or vision, don’t worry. There are still ways that you can include them in your wedding and more importantly, receive pictures of them on that day. One great option is to have them around while you’re getting ready, like the bride in this photo did. (Obviously, this is really only feasible if you’re preparing at home or at a relative’s house.) They’ll be comfortable and relaxed being in a familiar place. And more importantly for you, they’ll require no training and limited supervision.

That’s exactly what this bride did to include her beloved pooch in her wedding day. She got ready at her parents’ house, so having her dog around made perfect sense. Because the adorable pup felt at home, it spent most of the time following the bride around or “posing” in the foreground while the bride chatted with her bridesmaids in the background. And of course, when the bride went to the kitchen to get a bit of brunch? You better believe her four-legged friend tagged along to see if some scraps might end up on the floor.

Unscripted Humorous Image of a Dog at a Wedding

In addition to showing why having your dog at some part of your wedding is a great idea, this image also illustrates perfectly why you should hire a documentary wedding photographer if you appreciate hilarious pictures. As this scene was playing out, we could tell that there was an awesome unscripted humorous image of the dog to created. One with the bride and her food in the foreground, and the dog watching intently in the background. The problem was that every time we tried to frame the shot, the pooch noticed. And immediately backed away. So it took a tremendous amount of patience to get the picture we wanted. And only someone specializing in candid wedding photography would pursue this shot, knowing it would capture such a significant moment.

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