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Destination Wedding Germany

Booking us to document your destination wedding gives you a lot more than just two experienced DC wedding photographers. For starters, you also get two people who are perfectly suited to photographing marriage celebrations anywhere on the globe. You will have hired photographers who have spent much of their adult lives living and working overseas. We speak multiple languages and are familiar with a variety of different cultural and religious traditions. We are comfortable stepping into any environment in any part of the world and giving you gorgeous pictures that tell the story of your wedding day in a compelling way. If you book us, you can rest easy knowing that you will have destination wedding photographers who will document your international nuptials the right way.

Drone Wedding Photos

Having these two DC wedding photographers travel to record your destination marriage has other benefits as well. In some cases, it expands the range of photos that you will receive. For example, we can use our DJI Mavic Pro drone in many places outside of the Nation’s Capital. For security reasons, a Washington DC wedding photographer cannot fly a drone within 15 miles of the downtown area. That means no drone photos at any of the best DC wedding venues! Though similar restrictions exist in and around other cities in the US and around the world, most are not as strict. For that reason, the possibilities for doing aerial photography open up considerably if you plan a wedding in a place other than Washington.

If the location you select for your nuptials does allow drone photography, then your destination wedding photographer can give you some really distinct and unique pictures. Viewing the world from above opens up new perspectives and angles that do not exist at ground level. From the air, we can often bring more of the things that happen on your wedding day into each frame. For example, we can use a drone to show you the entire scene that plays out as you exit your wedding ceremony. A picture from ground level can only give you the reactions of you, the people in the aisle and the guests in the back row. Using a camera positioned above allows all of your invitees to appear in the shot as you make your way back down the aisle.

Drone wedding photography also greatly increases the number of great possible options for your couples portraits. Many spots that appear unsuitable at ground level turn into something special when viewed from above. The cool patterns cut into a field, which are not normally visible, can emerge, for example. Distracting background elements can also magically disappear. Cars, road signs or odd-looking buildings often vanish from the frame when the ground becomes the background.

Destination Wedding Germany

That is exactly what happened when we elevated our drone over the two lovely brides featured in this picture. The setting for their weddingRinghotel Forellenof in Walsrode, Germany — was absolutely beautiful. It was a perfect rural setting for their intimate, outdoor marriage celebrations. The venue was, unfortunately, under construction at the time of their nuptials. Though the work did not interfere with their ceremony, the equipment did make shots of them posing near the hotel’s lovely pond challenging. A lot of it was sitting near the water’s edge and would therefore appear in any shot we took of the brides posing by the pond. Until, that is, we had them lie down on a blanket on a small peninsula that jutted out into the water and flew our drone over them. From above, we could see nothing but the green grass, the surrounding reeds, the calm water and, of course, the two brides. The result was a clean, clutter-free and beautiful shot of the newlyweds.

Location: Ringhotel Forellenhof Walsrode, Hünzingen 3, 29664 Walsrode, Germany.

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