Original Culpeper VA Wedding Portrait with Rich Colors
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Original Culpeper VA Wedding Portrait with Rich Colors

Your love story is original, and your wedding portraits need to be too. No matter who you are or how you met, your relationship is not like anyone else’s. So if you want wedding photographers who’ll tell your story in pictures, then pick ones who will give you unique images. Our biggest goal on your wedding day is capturing the essence of who you are and how the two of you bring out the best in each other. Of course, we don’t mind if you help us along a little bit! One of the best ways to ensure your wedding portraits are original is to personalize them. So feel free to inject a bit of yourselves into the pictures. This couple did that during their wedding in Culpeper VA and loved the result as much as you will!

Why It’s Ok to Be Yourselves in Your Wedding Portraits

But wait, you might be thinking, aren’t you going to pose us for our wedding portraits? And the answer is yes. As we’ve mentioned elsewhere, we have several reasons why we’ll do that. Most importantly, we want you to look your very best in your photos.

At the same time, we encourage you to think of our poses as a guide. For the most part, they are a framework to help you feel comfortable and look stunning. So most of the time, it’s ok for you to find ways to make them your own. To hold each other the way you normally would. To interact with one another in a way that feels right. (We say “most of the time,” because there are some shots that require very specific posing for lighting reasons. But don’t worry, we’ll let you know when that’s the case!)

So we don’t mind at all if you go a little off-script and do little things to make your wedding portraits original. We want you to be posed without looking and feeling posed, if that makes sense. On your wedding day, be yourselves and feel natural. If something doesn’t look right on film, we’ll let you know. Otherwise, we’ll just let you create original portraits of yourselves.

Bride and Groom Make Their Culpeper VA Wedding Portraits Original

This particular couple really put the “original” in original portraits during their Culpeper VA wedding! It was clear from the moment we met them that they were a pair of goofballs who loved to make each other laugh. They started up as soon as they saw each other during their first look. The bride just about tackled the groom from behind. (And we got some great pictures of her charging at him!)

That continued throughout their couples portraits. Every time we posed them, they would find goofy ways to personalize the shot. Their favorite way was to stick their tongues out at each other. Once the bride even sucked on the tip of the groom’s tongue while he cheekily looked the other way! They did something similar while we created this awesome picture. If you look closely, you can see them trying to touch the tips of their tongues together. It was such a funny gesture in the moment that we also got a closeup shot of it from the other side. More importantly, though, it was a genuine expression of who they are as a couple. As such, it was a perfect way to make these images personal!

Original Wedding Portrait with Rich Colors

Not all of the originality in the picture came from the bride and groom, of course. We added a little creative magic of our own. You might not be able to tell by looking at it, but we took this photo at midday in the middle of the summer. We wanted to give the couple a break from the brutal Northern VA heat, so we got them out of the sun and into a side alley off of Culpeper’s main street. It was still pretty bright in there, though, and we wanted to create an image with more contrast. So we made our camera settings very dark. To add some of the rich colors we love so much, we also set up a purple light behind them. The result was a shot that was doubly original! A bit from them and a bit from us!

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