Hilarious Unscripted Washington DC Wedding Photo
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Hilarious Unscripted Washington DC Wedding Photo

TL;DR If you want hilarious wedding photos like this, you should hire photographers who specialize in unscripted moments, make time to hang out with family and friends, and make sure that your venue has good "downtime" spaces.

Getting married is a huge milestone in a person’s life. They vow to be with their significant other for the rest of their lives. But just because that part is so solemn, it doesn’t mean that a wedding can’t be fun. Quite the contrary! A wedding is also a celebration. A celebration of the couple and their future together. But also of their families and their friends. There is often dancing. (Just as often, there is also the consumption of adult beverages!) And all that fun leads to lots of moments of levity. People fall down on the dance floor. Groomsmen bend over and split their pants. And bridesmaids throw a lampshade on their heads to get a laugh from the bride. If you want to relive the most hilarious moments from your marriage celebrations in 30 years, then think about hiring photographers who specialize in unscripted wedding photos.

Why the Unscripted Wedding Photos Could Be Right for You

Before we talk about how you can get images like this, let us quickly touch on why you might want real moments like this captured. (In case you’re not already sold. Hopefully, you’re reading this because you like documentary-style wedding photos! But we don’t know you yet, so who knows?)

Anyway, here are a few reasons why unscripted wedding photos might be right for you:

  • They preserve the moments you’ll most want to remember. When you show your wedding album to your grandkids, which images will resonate the most? The ones of you posing and looking at the camera? Or the ones in which you’re laughing with your sister or tearfully hugging your mom? If it’s the latter, then you’ll want candid wedding photographers to document your big day.
  • They preserve the emotions you’ll most want to relive. It’s not just about the moments, of course. It’s about how you felt while they were happening. And perhaps more importantly, how you will feel when you see pictures of them. If you think that re-experiencing those emotions will matter to you down the road, then consider that only documentary wedding photographers make capturing them a priority.
  • They tell the real story of your marriage celebrations. Some couples like the idea of photography that paints an idealized picture of their wedding. The best and most beautiful version of the event so to speak. Others prefer pictures that show what their marriage celebrations really were. Real life isn’t a fairy tale, and these couples see beauty in their wedding’s real moments, even if they aren’t the most conventionally “pretty.” Neither preference is better than the other. But if you’re one of the latter couples, go with photographers who specialize in unscripted wedding pictures.

How to Ensure that You Get Hilarious Candid Pictures

So the key to getting photos like this is hiring candid wedding photographers. Pretty simple, no? But what if nothing funny happens at your marriage event? Because photojournalistic wedding photographers are committed to documenting what really happens, they won’t stage “hilarious” moments for you. So if your guests are on the more reserved side, you might be out of luck. That said, there are some things you can do to improve the odds that you get photos like this one.

The best (and easiest) way to increase the likelihood that scenes like this play out at your wedding is to put “hang out” time in your schedule. Set aside space in your timeline for you and your closest family and friends to just be around one another. To laugh and joke and reminisce and bust chops and knock back a couple of drinks. In our experience, it’s when everyone is relaxed, loose and not following a script that the funniest wedding photos happen.

The bride in this image did exactly that on her wedding day. She and her groom left a healthy gap in their schedule between their ceremony and the start of family formal portraits. With no pressure to get to the next thing, their bridesmaids and groomsmen felt free to take the party bus in search of booze, stop off at the Omni Shoreham’s convenience store to buy beer and to goof around in the bridal suite. The results? A hell of a lot of fun and a hilarious wedding photo!

The Omni Shoreham DC Hotel Has Great Spaces for Unscripted Moments

It didn’t hurt that this couple’s wedding venue had the perfect space for “hang around” time. The bridal suite at the Omni Shoreham DC Hotel has a comfortable living room area that adjoins the bedroom. It has a walkable balcony with a stupendous view of Rock Creek Park. More importantly for our story here, the suite has a living room area that is more than big enough for a good-sized wedding party. And their antics and hilarity! So again, if you’re looking for unscripted wedding photos like this, look for venues with spaces that are good places for you and your closest family and friends to kick back and have fun in.


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