Spring Engagement Photos in Red Poppy Fields

“In spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.” Alfred, Lord Tennyson, expressed the well-known connection between springtime and love better than we ever could. Though we would suggest that it is not only young men who think of romance during that time of year. Recent research indicates that all of us are more receptive to finding our soulmate in the spring. Not just meeting them, but also falling in love with them! It is no wonder, then, that that season is ideal for engagement photoshoots. Any DC engagement photographer will tell you that the conditions for beautiful portraits do not get much better. As you can see in this collection of images captured in red poppy fields, spring engagement photos are something special!

Scheduling Spring Engagement Photos with a DC Wedding Photographer

There are a lot of compelling reasons why couples like you opt for spring engagement photos. Many of them are logistical. If you are planning a summer wedding (like most future spouses whom we photograph), then spring is a great time to do your engagement session. Why? Because one of the reasons for taking engagement photos is to have images for your save-the-date cards. So the spring is close enough to your wedding date that your plans are firm enough to send out the cards. At the same time, it’s far enough ahead of time that your wedding guests can block your day off on their calendars.

Forget all that for a moment, though. The much better reason for wanting spring engagement photos is that they are absolutely gorgeous! The flowers and trees that bloom all over the Washington DC metro area make the most beautiful backdrops for portraits that you could want. Think the tulips growing by the Netherlands Carillon look great? Imagine a picture of you and your future spouse with those in the foreground. Have you marveled at the cherry blossoms blanketing the Tidal Basin area? Picture the two of you nestled among those delicate pink and white flowers. Do you enjoy visiting the US National Arboretum? Think of how special that spot will be after you have commemorated your love with a photoshoot there.

Red Poppy Fields for Destination Engagement Session

Spring isn’t just an awesome time for engagement photoshoots in the Washington DC area. As destination wedding photographers, we can tell you that March, April and May are equally beautiful months just about everywhere. (Well, in the Northern Hemisphere anywhere.) Northern Germany, a region we are intimately familiar with, is particularly lovely during that time of year. Tulips bloom, farmers sow fields of canola plants that turn a brilliant yellow and the German countryside and forests become dream locations for spring engagement photos.

And then there are the red poppy fields. One of the best things about having a destination engagement photoshoot is that you can get truly unique images. (You know, the kind that make your friends die of envy!) Poppies are relatively rare in the U.S. (and nowhere to be found anywhere near DC). So pictures of you and your future spouse amid their blood-red petals will look unlike anything you could get at home.

Spring Engagement Photos in Northern Germany

Which you can see quite clearly in the collection of engagement images here. We took them during a destination engagement photo shoot just outside of the German city of Hannover. The future bride was originally from a small Northern German town whose main tourist attraction is a carefully cultivated poppy field. Tourists come from miles around every spring and summer to see the field turn a vibrant red as the poppies bloom. So it came as little surprise that the bride-to-be chose this gorgeous red poppy field as the setting for her spring engagement photos.

We started by taking closeup shots of this couple kissing amid the blossoms. The idea was to create intimate portraits in which they were the main focus. Then we zoomed out to capture wider-angle images of the pair embracing while surrounded by a seemingly endless ocean of red flowers. Finally, we used our drone to get really wide shots in which the red poppy fields appear only as a splash of color in the background along with some cool-looking energy windmills. We (and the couple) couldn’t be happier with the results!



Spring engagement photos in red poppy fields by DC wedding photographer Potok's World Photography

Spring engagement photos and silhouette of couple in red poppy fields by DC wedding photographer Potok's World Photography

Spring engagement photos in red poppy fields by DC wedding photographer Potok's World Photography

Spring engagement photos in red poppy fields by DC wedding photographer Potok's World Photography


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