Fun Virginia Tennis Wedding Photo with a Dog
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Fun Virginia Tennis Wedding Photo with a Dog

Wanna know the key to wedding photos you’ll treasure forever? Personalization! The images that are going to mean the most to you in 30 years are the ones that remind you of what’s special about your relationship. The wedding pictures that are unique to you and you alone. And with that in mind, the more personalized the photos are, the more meaningful they become. Take this picture, for example. Plenty of couples opt for sports-themed wedding photos. But not all do their wedding pictures on a tennis court. Similarly, plenty of brides make their dogs a part of their marriage celebrations. But not so many get out and play with their pooch while in their wedding dress! Very, very few combine their love of tennis and dogs. So when this couple brought both these elements to their wedding portraits, they got something that they will love forever.

How to Personalize Your Wedding Photos

Like the idea of personalizing your wedding portraits but are not sure how to do it? No problem! We’ve photographed dozens of couples who’ve found ways to add bits of their personalities to their photos. So we have a very good understanding of what works best. Chat with us as you think through your wedding portraits, and we’ll definitely help you find a way to make it happen! If you need a little guidance before that, here are a few things that generally lead to awesome personalized wedding photos:

Activities that you like to do together

Some of the strongest relationships we’ve photographed have as a foundation a shared love of something. Couples don’t have to spend every minute of every day together, of course. But when they have a passion in common, that can create a powerful bond. Maybe it’s sports – whether playing something like tennis or rooting for a particular team. Or perhaps it’s music – following a beloved band on tour. Or maybe it’s something completely different. Whatever interests you and your future spouse share, working them into your wedding portraits can be a great idea. And easier to do than you might think! No matter how unique your passion, we’re pretty sure we can create cool, meaningful photos of you doing it. This particular image of this bride playing tennis is a perfect example of what we can create for you!


We’ve mentioned this several times elsewhere on our website, but it’s worth repeating. Getting a cat or a dog (or a fish or a bird or a turtle) can be a very significant step in a relationship. Adopting a pet is a sign of commitment and a recognition that a couple sees a future together. As such, that decision is an important part of their love story. And therefore worth documenting. Including your pets in your engagement session is a great way to do that. As is making them a part of your wedding-day portraits like this tennis-playing bride did with her beloved dog.

This particular photo highlights something important about the way we’ll photograph you and your pet at your wedding. (Particularly if it’s a dog.) We’ll make sure to get some very standard portraits of the two of you posing with that beloved member of your family, of course. But because we are documentary wedding photographers, we’ll also try to get pictures of you interacting with your pet in a meaningful way. Cuddling with your cat as you get ready. Or tossing a stick for your pooch to fetch. Or like this bride with her dog, batting a tennis ball for them to chase.

Locations that are special to you

Sometimes the best way to remember an important milestone is by returning to the place where it happened. Going to the location of your first date, your first kiss or your proposal can trigger all the beautiful emotions you felt during those critical moments in your relationship. And including those spots in your wedding photos gives those images context and helps tell your love story. So if it’s possible to use those locations on your wedding day, it’s well worth it.

Fun Virginia Tennis Wedding Photo with a Dog

As we mentioned above, the more personal elements a wedding photo has, the more meaningful it’s going to be for you. This photo had two of the things from our list of ideas, so it definitely captured a lot of what makes this couple’s relationship unique. It included tennis, an activity the bride and groom like to do together. And it also brought in their pet goldendoodle, a dog whom they clearly love dearly.

The location of their wedding photos was not super significant to the couple. They picked Dunn Loring Park in Fairfax, VA, for two very practical reasons. First, it was close to where they got married. And second, it had tennis courts and room for their dog to run around. Which were critical to the two personal elements they did want to include.

For the first part of the portrait portion of their wedding day, we had the newlyweds hit tennis balls back and forth. Their big dog loped all over the tennis courts trying to catch one of the fuzzy balls. Occasionally, he would grab one in his mouth. At which point the couple would start hitting a new one. Which would cause the dog to race after that ball. Or the fun moment we captured her, both at the same time!

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