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Wedding Photos at Blue Valley Vineyard and Winery

Our Photography Style

We often get asked what our photography style is. That is a great question, to which the answer would be photojournalistic or "moment-based." Our goal is to capture your wedding as it unfolds without staging images, because we believe that the story of that day is yours – real and unscripted! We are just there to document it for you.

We live to capture the emotions your parents feel as they watch you tying the knot.

We will even let the couples portraits portion of your wedding day play out naturally. You and your future spouse look your most beautiful when you feel relaxed in each other's arms, so we will let your body language find the right poses for you. We will make some tweaks here and there, of course, especially if your partner's hands are blocking your face (or vice versa)! But we will mostly just let the two of you be you.

The one exception to our "no posing" rule are the family formals. We want you to have beautiful portraits that you will cherish forever. We also want your parents and your grandparents to have lovely keepsakes from your wedding day to put on their mantels. So we will guide you and your wedding guests into poses that result in valuable reminders of a time when your whole family came together for you.

We are there with our cameras every time a little wedding guest does those fun things only kids can get away with.

Throughout the day, every image we take will be created with respect and without disturbing the sanctity of the moment. Like a good Milford man, we should be neither seen nor heard! (Any other Arrested Development fans out there?)

During the reception it's a completely different story of course! At that point, we will be right there in the middle of the action getting everything on film. You will see us diving on the dance floor with you, crouching on the floor or suspended on something to get that crazy shot of you and your wedding guests having a great time!

In the end, your wedding and your love story and unique and personal. We will give you pictures that show what makes yours special. With our cameras and your awesomeness we will create bold and colorful images that you will cherish for a lifetime!

We believe that images that show raw, unfiltered emotions are the ones that you will treasure most in the end.

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