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Our mission as Northern Virginia wedding photographers is to tell your love story with the pictures we take. After all, your wedding is a critical part of the story of your relationship. In some respects, it is the most important chapter. It is the ultimate expression of the way you feel about one another and your intention to be together forever. A wedding celebrates and encapsulates everything that matters about your relationship. And the best wedding photographer is someone who can communicate all of that in the images they create.

At the same time, however, your wedding is only one chapter. It is but one piece of a much longer tale. Yes, it is a big event. But it is one day, and that is nothing compared to the lifetime together that awaits you afterwards. So a great Northern Virginia wedding photographer also finds ways to show how your marriage celebrations are part of that broader narrative. They can focus on the relationships that you and your intended have forged with your future in-laws, for example. Those photos will highlight the way that your two families are becoming one larger whole. They hint at the holidays you will all spend together and the important milestones you will celebrate by one another’s sides.

Interestingly, the love story between you and your beloved will probably not be the only one that plays out during your marriage celebrations. It will be the most important, obviously, and the one to which a wedding photographer will pay the most attention. However, there are also the little scenes that are part of the nonromantic love stories in your life. The bonds you share with your siblings, for example. Or the platonic love you have for your closest friends. And your photographer should make sure to capture those special moments on film as well.

Northern Virginia Wedding Photographer: Receptions

Also worth highlighting are the small ways in which the love stories of your guests make appearances during your wedding. One of our favorite parts of many marriage celebrations are the couples dances that wedding DJs often organize at the Northern Virginia wedding venues they play. That gives us a chance to get photos of other people in love sharing a romantic twirl around the dance floor. We can capture images of your parents sharing a tender moment on a very happy day for them. We can give you beautiful pictures of your brothers or sisters cuddling with their significant others. We can produce touching images of your friends celebrating your nuptials by celebrating their own love.

This picture is a great example of the kind of image that we will look for during your wedding reception. We did not capture it during a couples dance, but instead during the open dance floor portion of the evening at the Woodlands at Algonkian. This same-sex couple was tearing it up throughout the night and had emerged as the stars of the show. There was so much excitement and joy in the way that they danced that no one could take their eyes off of them. Our cameras too were drawn to them. And it was good that they were, because we were able to get absolutely stunning pictures of them. Including this one, in which their love for one another is practically exploding out of the image!

Location: The Woodlands at Algonkian, 47001 Fairway Dr, Sterling, VA 20165.

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