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Why should you hire a documentary Washington DC wedding photographer to take pictures of your marriage celebrations? As you plan your wedding, you literally have your choice of photography style. You can choose DC wedding photographers who focus primarily on portraiture. You can pick someone who arranges elaborate scenes for pictures of you with your future spouse or family members. You can select someone with a goofy aesthetic or sensibilities that run more toward the artsy. In short, whatever your particular preferences, you can almost certainly find photographers whose style matches them.

DC Documentary Wedding Photography

So with all those choices available to you, why should you pick a Washington DC wedding photographer who specializes in photojournalism? The short answer is photos like this one. What documentary wedding photography gives you that no other style can is raw human emotion. A staged shot, no matter how expertly it is set up, will always look and feel a little flat. The resulting image will lack that something special that sets a great candid photo apart. Why? By setting up the picture beforehand, the photographer drains the realism out of the scene. It is nearly impossible for you and your future spouse to feel genuine emotions in that kind of setting. Unless the two of you are professionally trained actors, you probably cannot generate feelings on cue.

The same is true of couples portraits as well. The more your DC wedding photographer sets them up beforehand, the less genuine they feel. That is why we try to encourage our couples to find their own natural posing as much as possible. Which is not to say that we will not pose you at all during your engagement session or the couples portraits portion of your wedding day. We want you to look your absolute best in your portraiture and will do what is necessary to make that happen. We have just found that couples tend to look their best when they are relaxed and their body positioning is as natural as possible. So whenever possible, we steer couples like you in that direction.

The one thing that we will almost never do is stage non-portrait shots. Aside from your couples portraits and family formals, we will interfere in the run of events as little as we possible can. We want you, your future spouse and your families to enjoy your wedding day to the fullest. More importantly, we want you to be fully present and in the moment throughout the event. We do not want you get distracted by a photographer asking you to pose or giving you directions every few minutes. Why? Because in addition to you enjoying the day more, you are also more likely to get pictures like this. Pictures that show you feeling and experiencing real wedding-day emotions.

L2 Lounge DC

We got this shot just after this groom removed the garter from this new wife’s leg. Their wedding reception at the trendy L2 Lounge in Georgetown was a lively and full of love. So it came as little surprise to us that the groom hammed up the process of taking off the garter a bit. After emerging from under his wife’s wedding dress, he strutted around the dance floor, twirling the accessory and pretending to snap it into the crowd. That is when we got this picture of him.

We particularly love two elements in this image. The first is the sweat glistening on his forehead. In our opinion, that helps show how caught up in the moment he is. Even though he is wearing his finest clothes, he is so lost in the energy of the reception that he does not even notice that he is sweating. The second thing that makes the photo great is the look on his face. It is obvious from his expression that he is having a blast and loving the first few hours of his married life. The photo captures a moment of celebration — one that he and his bride will want to remember forever. It tells a very important story from one of the most important days in their life. And that is a story that no staged picture could ever tell. It is an image that only a photojournalist can give you.

Location: L2 Lounge & Events Venue, 3315 Cady's Alley NW, Washington, DC 20007.

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