Striking Drone Wedding Photo on the Stone Arch Bridge
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Striking Drone Wedding Photo on the Stone Arch Bridge

Hiring wedding photographers with a drone is always a great idea! Why? Because at the very least, a drone wedding photo is going to be striking. It’s going to stand out from the rest and make people take notice. Because of the change in perspective, drone images have a completely different look and feel from those taken on the ground. When you see the pictures, you realize that you almost never see the world from those heights or angles. You can’t help but study them, looking for little details that you wouldn’t be able to see from the ground. We could spend hours poring over this image of a couple on the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis! And what more can you ask for in your wedding photos?

Another Reason a Drone Wedding Photo Is Striking

The other thing that makes drone wedding photos so striking is what the height allows us to include in the frame. Things that would overlap in your view from the ground are separated when seen from the air. This drone wedding portrait is a great illustration of that. The couple is standing on the Stone Arch Bridge, and the city’s skyline is rising behind them. If we had been on the bridge with them, the structure’s expansive sweep wouldn’t be visible in the photo. You wouldn’t see the stone arches where the bridge curves north by the city. Also invisible would be the Mississippi River rushing underneath. Minneapolis’s skyline would still be in the picture, but only a part of it. And it would appear to be more or less the same size as the couple. In short, the portrait just would work if a drone hadn’t taken it!

Wedding Portrait on the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis

We took this photo at what was sort of a destination wedding for us. (We say “sort of” because Pete is originally from Minneapolis. Most of his family still lives there, so coming from DC to photograph weddings there is easy for us! After getting ready at home, the couple tied the knot at Nicollet Island Pavilion, a lovely venue in the middle of the Mississippi with a gorgeous view of the aforementioned bridge. They wanted to take advantage of everything the location had to offer, so they scheduled their wedding party and couples portraits on the bridge before the ceremony. (When possible, pre-ceremony portraits are a great idea, by the way.)

We started by getting photos of the bride- and groom-to-be with the various members of their wedding party. (Some of those were drone portraits as well, and they look awesome!) Once we finished with all the different combinations, we made sure to get a few couples portraits of the bride and groom as well. After taking a few more conventional ones (i.e. from ground level), we got our drone back up in the air for something more dramatic. We’d like to think that the resulting image is every bit as striking as we planned!

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Location: Stone Arch Bridge, 100 Portland Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55401.

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