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There are a lot of compelling reasons to have your wedding celebrations in the Washington DC metro area. For starters, it is a world city that offers you anything you might need for an unforgettable marital event. There are three airports nearby, an extensive public transportation system and a host of great entertainment options. Second, there are venues to suit every preference, from elegant hotels downtown to gorgeous vineyards in Northern Virginia. Whether you want indoor or outdoor; formal or casual; or artsy or rustic, DC has what you want. Finally, Washington DC wedding photos are distinctive and one-of-a-kind! Images with the city’s most famous monuments and museums literally could not have been taken anywhere else in the world. That means your Washington DC wedding photographers can give you pictures of your marriage celebrations that are as unique as your love story!

The Key to Great Washington DC Wedding Photos

It does not hurt that the city of Washington makes it so easy to get stunning Washington DC wedding photos. Thanks to the Height of Buildings Act, DC’s skyline is purposefully short. That piece of municipal legislation caps the height of edifices in the city at 130 feet. The idea behind the law is to keep residential and commercial architecture from blocking views of DC’s most famous structures. So iconic buildings like the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception are clearly visible from almost anywhere in the city. More importantly, the view of the entire National Mall area is unobstructed. You can see the Washington Monument from various corners of downtown DC. And even shorter structures like the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials rise above the rest of the Washington skyline.

It is almost as though the city planners designed the city with your Washington DC wedding photos in mind! The prominence and visibility of the monuments and memorials make it easy for your Washington DC wedding photographers to create unforgettable portraiture almost anywhere in the Nation’s Capital. You and your future spouse do not even have to stand very near the Washington Monument for it to appear in your couples portraits!

Washington DC Wedding Photos at the Capitol Building

Getting beautiful pictures with the US Capitol is just as easy. The fourth-tallest building in Washington, the Capitol Building rises 289 feet over the east end of the National Mall. You get clear views of it from many of DC’s north-south streets, particularly those in the city’s northeast quadrant. In the opinion of these Washington DC wedding photographers, though, the best view is unsurprisingly from Capitol Street. That boulevard runs north from the US Capitol and marks the boundary between Washington’s east and west sides. It actually also passes by the aforementioned Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. On its way south from the Capitol, it runs close to the Washington Nationals baseball park.

Couples Portraits by Washington DC Wedding Photographers

The wedding plans of this bride and groom set them up perfectly for unforgettable Washington DC wedding photos featuring the US Capitol. Their day started at the Phoenix Park Hotel. The latter is a lovely wedding venue in a historic building. It also just happens to be located on the aforementioned North Capitol Street. That means it is just a few blocks from the Capitol and offers an unparalleled view of the edifice.

After the couple finished getting into their wedding clothes, they had a quick first look in the hotel lobby. Their Washington DC wedding photographers then took them and their wedding party across Massachusetts Avenue Northwest to the historic Postal Square Building. Now the National Postal Museum, that DC edifice has a beautiful exterior staircase that is perfect for formal group photos.

Once we took pictures of the fiancés with their families and friends, we sent the relatives on to the ceremony. The spouses-to-be stayed behind for an extended couples portraits session around the downtown area. We took them on a tour of the Nation’s Capital, stopping at several of the city’s famous landmarks. As we mentioned above, we were already near the US Capitol, so that seemed a perfect place to start. And an ideal location for iconic Washington DC wedding photos!

We captured several beautiful images of the future spouses posing in front of the Capitol’s iconic rotunda. The best shot, though, happened almost by accident. The couple crossed back over North Capitol Street on their way back to the Phoenix Park Hotel and their car. On the way, the husband-to-be looked back at his bride and took her hand in his. It was such a sweet and spontaneous moment, and they were delighted that we caught it on film.

Cherry Blossom Washington DC Wedding Photos

After we got that shot, the couples portraits tour began in earnest. Along the way, we stopped at the Jefferson Memorial. Located next to the calm waters of the Tidal Basin, the structure is an iconic part of DC’s skyline. As Washington DC wedding photographers, we take a lot of couples to the Jefferson Memorial. Particularly in the spring — which is when this couple tied the knot. That is because the iconic cherry blossom trees that ring the Tidal Basin are in bloom at that time of year. The delicate white and pink flowers turn any couples portraits into classic Washington DC wedding photos.

Naturally, we could not pass up the opportunity to take some lovely portraits of these spouses-to-be posing amid the cherry blossoms. Then we headed with them to their wedding ceremony and reception at 101 Constitution back near the US Capitol. Where we took some gorgeous rooftop couples portraits of them with the Washington Monument in the background.

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