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We have been in business as wedding photographers in the Washington, DC, region for several years now, and one of the best things about our job is getting to see the various traditions that couples weave into their marriage ceremonies. Obviously, matrimonial events come in all shapes and sizes. Different religions and different cultures have different ways of celebrating the union of two people. The only element they all have in common is that those two people are married when it’s all said and done!

DC is a very diverse city, so we’ve gotten the chance to take pictures of Catholic marriage ceremonies, Hindu weddings, Greek Orthodox marital celebrations and Vietnamese tea ceremonies; people tying the knot in barns and couples getting hitched in luxurious five-star hotels; somber marriage rites and wedding receptions that are frankly a little crazy. It’s been our pleasure, of course, to be able to take our cameras to these events and to help our wedding clients and their families preserve the memories of their special day forever.

The elements of each wedding day that we really love, though, are the individual touches that future spouses put into their marriage celebrations. The photo of a deceased grandparent in the bride’s bouquet. A game of softball or soccer prior to the groom and groomsmen getting ready. The couple’s daughter singing a song to them during the reception. For us, these are the best part of the celebrations, because they are completely personal and unique to the two people getting married. And that makes the photos that we take of those moments so special, because we are putting on film the elements that make the couple stand out from the crowd.

This image is a great example of a moment that was entirely unique to this wedding. It was the second marriage for both the bride and the groom, and each had teenaged children from their previous relationships. Because their kids were such an important part of the couple’s lives as individuals and their future life as husband and wife, it seemed very natural that they would also play key roles in the marriage rituals.

The bride’s own parents were not in attendance, so she asked her son to walk her down the aisle to meet her soon-to-be husband. We had the privilege of being able to take some beautiful pictures of her whispering loving words of appreciation in his ear as they waited outside the door of the wedding venue. It got even better once they entered and began walking towards the groom. The bride’s son was feeling a little nervous about the job, so many of the wedding guests offered him words of encouragement as he passed by. Several also reached out to give him a high-five. We caught one of those moments in this image, and we love how happy the bride looks as her little man is walking her down the aisle. This is not the type of thing that happens in every marriage celebration, but instead was a moment particular to hers, and we are so glad that we were able to give her a memory of that that will last forever.

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