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Same Sex Weddings in Washington DC

There are a lot of compelling reasons why you should choose a Washington DC wedding photographer who is member of a recognized professional association. Chief among them is the fact that you know that you will be getting the highest quality images of your wedding day. Professional groups like Fearless Photographers spend considerable time vetting every applicant for membership in their organization. Only those who meet their stringent standards are accepted. So if you choose one of their DC wedding photographers to document your marriage celebrations, you are certain to get a professional who will deliver you unforgettable pictures of your special moments.

Fearless Photography

Booking a member of a such a professional association to photograph your wedding has other benefits as well. It means you also get someone who is dedicated to continually improving their craft. You get a Washington DC wedding photographer who is striving to find ways to serve you better. One of the reasons why we are part of Fearless Photographers is because we get to share ideas with and be inspired by some of the most talented wedding and engagement photographers in the world. That keeps us pushing to find ways to give you more spectacular photos. It also ensures that we way we serve clients like you is consistent with internationally recognized best practices. We are always thankful for the opportunity to be a part of such a great group of professionals and proud of the work that we have done to merit inclusion in these organizations.

Because these professional wedding and engagement photography associations are so selective, we also feel extremely honored when our pictures are judged to be worthy of the awards that many organizations bestow on the best images taken by their members. Groups like Fearless Photographers receive thousands of breathtaking submissions for their quarterly photo competitions. So producing an image that is appreciated by their judges is a significant accomplishment.

Beautiful LGBT Wedding Photos

The photograph featured here was one such image. A jury of internationally respected wedding and engagement photographers picked it to be included in Fearless Photographers’ “Bride and Bride” Feature Gallery. That is a collection of the best pictures produced by member photographers at two-bride same-sex weddings.

We captured this particular image at a beautiful and fun marriage celebration at Waredaca Brewing Company. That is a delightful wedding venue in suburban Washington DC. The two ladies pictured dancing here tied the knot in a moving outdoor wedding ceremony. It left them and many of their wedding guests shedding tears of joy. Afterward, the brides, their families, their close friends and the rest of the invitees moved to a tent set up on the brewery’s back lawn. That is where they had a rollicking wedding reception. Before everyone got out on the dance floor, however, the two brides shared an expertly choreographed first dance. As the music came to an end, one of the brides swung her new wife down for a dip, and we immortalized the moment on film.

There is a lot that we love about this photograph. There is the tension in the muscles of each bride. We like the way the bride being dipped is clutching tightly to her wife. The sense that this dip might end in a kiss adds dramatic tension. There is the joy communicated by the crowd behind them cheering them on. The element we probably like best, though, is the unrestrained joy on the faces of the two now-wives as they celebrate their first hours as a married couple.

As honored as we are to have been recognized by Fearless Photographers for the quality of this image, we are even prouder to have taken it at a same-sex wedding. We are completely committed to supporting marriage equality in the United States and around the world. We believe that everyone has the right to marry whomever they choose to love, and we are happy if our photography contributes in any way to more people having the right to do so.

Location: Waredaca Brewing Company, 4017 Damascus Rd, Gaithersburg, MD 20882.

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