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Vibrant Wedding Photography

Does your vision for your wedding include lots of bright, bold colors? If so, then you are going to want to choose wedding photographers whose style emphasizes that. You will definitely want vibrant wedding photography to match the boldness of your design choices!

Why Go for Colorful Wedding Photography?

Why do we say this? Because what is the point of choosing vibrant, expressive colors for your wedding if your photo album is not going to show that off? Your pictures are going to be the only permanent reminders of what your marriage celebrations were like. And for that reason, you will want the colors you choose to pop off the page (or screen, as the case might be). You will want them to bowl you over just as much in 30 years as they will on your wedding day.

Conversely, the last thing you would want is pictures with a muted, washed-out style. There is nothing inherently wrong with those kinds of images, of course! They are just a bad fit for weddings with bolder color schemes. (We know because our portfolio used to feature a lot more faded pictures before we fully committed to bold, colorful wedding photography.)

Vibrant Wedding Photography: You Know It When You See It!

Sold on hiring a photographer who will tell your love story with bold colors? The next question is where to find one! Unfortunately, it is not always easy to know where to find wedding photographers with a colorful style (more on that below). However, the good news is that it is not hard to know when you have found professionals with a vibrant wedding photography style. You do not have to be an expert in photo terms or techniques to know whether their portfolio has bright, bold hues. All you have to do is look at it! If the pictures feature colors that dazzle you, then it is what you are looking for. And the people who took it have the kind of approach to wedding photography that will do your celebrations justice!

Determining whether a particular photographer uses those bright colors well is a little bit trickier. Why? Because a lot of it comes down to personal preference. There is no set formula for determining it. You just have to trust your gut. If the pictures in a colorful portfolio just work, if you like them, if they just feel right, then you have probably found someone who is going to be a good fit for you.

Image from the “Fearlessly Vibrant Color” Collection

Remember when we said that it can sometimes be tricky to find standout wedding photographers with a vibrant style? Well, it is not because there are not a lot of professionals out there with colorful portfolios. Instead, it can be a challenge to know the best places to search. Googling means potentially sifting through hundreds of different websites, only some of which are what you are looking for. That can take a lot more time than you want to spend!

Fortunately, there are resources that make your search a lot easier! Wedding photography industry associations, for example, can be a great tool. Organizations like Fearless Photographers bring some of the best photographers in the world together into one internationally acclaimed wedding photography industry association. So when you look through the members based in your city, you know you are choosing from the creme de la creme! And the best part? Fearless Photographers often curates specific galleries of award-winning photos with the specific styles that you might be looking for.

The image featured here comes from exactly one of those galleries. One that might especially interest you if you are looking for wedding photography that is vibrant. A couple of years ago, Fearless Photographers selected this picture to be in its “Fearlessly Vibrant Color Collection.” As the name suggests, the gallery celebrates wedding and engagement photos that use colors creatively and inventively in the stories they tell. Needless to say, we are enormously grateful to have received this recognition of our work!

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