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Cherry Blossom Engagement Photos

Want distinctively “Washington DC” wedding or engagement photos? Then schedule a cherry blossom photoshoot with experienced local wedding and engagement photographers! One of the best things about the Washington DC metro area is the opportunity to have couples portraits taken during the blooming of the city’s cherry blossom trees. In our opinion, cherry blossom wedding pictures are an absolute must if you are getting married or engaged in DC in the spring!

Why? Because if your wedding is in or around Washington DC, then the city has been a part of your love story. And if you want your wedding and engagement pictures to tell that story, then your photographers need to weave elements of the Nation’s Capital into those images. And nothing says DC quite like images of you and your future spouse surrounded by the city’s most recognizable flowers.

Cherry Blossom Wedding and Engagement Portraits at the Tidal Basin

If you decide to make a cherry blossom photo session a part of your wedding and engagement plans, then the next step is to decide where to do it. If you are a DC resident, that might surprise you a little. You no doubt already know how awesome and quintessentially “DC” the flowers are. But you might not know how many great spots there are for cherry blossom wedding portraits around the metro area. Why? Because the natural assumption is probably that your session should take place at the Tidal Basin.

And it is no wonder! When the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, that area of town becomes one of the most spectacular sights imaginable. The trees ring the entire basin, growing particularly thickly between the Jefferson and the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorials. The flowers sometimes reach down gracefully to touch the surface of the water. The latter then acts as a mirror, amplifying the beauty of the scene. All told, the Tidal Basin is one of the most beautiful settings for cherry blossom wedding or engagement photos you could ask for.

Other DC Locations for a Cherry Blossom Photoshoot

The downside of having your cherry blossom wedding portraits taken at the Tidal Basin, though, is the crowds. Every spring, millions of tourists flock to Washington DC to get a look at the city’s most famous flowers. That can make staking out some real estate for photos challenging, even early in the morning or late at night. Many of your images will have people inadvertently photobombing you in the background.

That might not be an issue for you, of course. Maybe you like the energy and bustle of the city, and want that in your cherry blossom wedding pictures. Maybe you want photos with a real “DC” feel, tourists and all. If so, great!

If that is not your cup of tea, though, do not despair! As we said above, but the Tidal Basin is not the only location in the metro area where cherry blossom trees grow. There are little pockets of them all over downtown DC, Northern Virginia and suburban Maryland. The Custis Trail in Arlington, for example, has a couple of lovely spots where the flowers bloom in the spring. Even the Arlington Central Library has beautiful cherry blossom trees in its front yard! So there are plenty of options for you if you want a cherry blossom photoshoot somewhere other than the Tidal Basin.

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