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Drone Aerial Photography Destination Engagement

Northern Germany is a fantastic destination for a wedding outside the Washington DC metro area. If you are thinking of getting married abroad, you should definitely consider planning one in that part of the world. And if you do, we would suggest booking a venue in the spring. Springtime in Northern Germany is a beautiful time of year.

Destination Engagement Photography

It is also ideal, in the opinion of these destination DC wedding photographers, if you are looking to take breathtaking wedding and engagement photos. The area in and around the city of Hannover emerges from its winter hibernation and almost literally explodes with every beautiful color that nature has to offer. Particularly in areas at the edge of town, where Hannover gives way to Northern Germany’s gorgeous countryside. That part of the metropolitan area features beautiful rolling hills, verdant forests and meticulously manicured agricultural fields, all of which are perfect backdrops if you want to have couples portraits taken by a destination Washington DC wedding photographer amid the beauty of nature.

One of the most beautiful events in rural Germany in the spring is the blooming of the canola flowers, one of the most commonly grown crops in the region. During the month of May, seemingly every other field is alive with these beautiful yellow blossoms. We found a particularly lovely meadow filled with canola flowers in Kirchhorst, the town next to where we stay in Altwarmbüchen, and we just knew that we had to take a pair of future spouses there for an engagement photography session. We could already picture in our mind’s eye what two people in love would look like when posed amid the vibrant yellow blooms and against the green of the forests behind them.

More specifically, we were imagining taking some aerial engagement portraits of a bride- and groom-to-be with our Mavic Pro drone. As soon as the canola flowers started to bloom, we took our drone to the field in Kirchhorst for a test run. The results were spectacular, and we knew that the setting would be ideal for engagement photography. When viewed from above, the lines of the tractor tracks through the fields of canola flowers would be perfect for drawing attention to any brides and grooms who we would pose surrounded by the dazzling yellow canola blossoms.

Drone Engagement Image by Destination Photographer

Fate smiled on us recently when we were approached by a Hannover-based pair of fiancés who wanted an engagement photography shoot in a rural, outdoor setting. We knew just where to take them for their photos!

We started their couples portrait session with some more traditional pictures of them posing in the fields, which we took with our regular cameras. Once we got a sense of how the future bride and groom fit together, what their body language was like and how they looked in front of the camera, we brought them over to a particular area that we had found while doing drone aerial photography earlier in the week. We had seen a spot where two tractor tracks intersected, making it an ideal location in which we could have the couple lie down and have the eye drawn to them in the resulting images. We got the bride- and groom-to-be positioned there, put the drone up in the air and sure enough, the photos we got were magical. Just like this one here!

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