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Intimate Northern VA Engagement Image

Before your engagement photo session, you are going to have a lot of questions for your Northern Virginia wedding photographer. In our opinions, you should be sure to ask them each and every one. And do not stop asking until your photographers have answered all of them! Having questions about such an important part of your wedding celebrations is perfectly normal. More than normal, in fact; something to be encouraged! We are always happy when our clients want to know more about their engagement session! We want folks in your shoes to feel invested and engaged in the process. In our experience, that ensures that you are happier with the final results. More importantly, we want you to feel comfortable enough with us ask us anything you like. You are allowing us to take part in one of the most important moments of your life. You should never feel too awkward or embarrassed to ask us more about any of the service that we will be providing to you.

Needless to say, Northern Virginia wedding photographers like us get questions about nearly every aspect of an engagement shoot. Future newlyweds like you ask us how many pictures we are likely to deliver to them, what we do if the lighting is less than cooperative and how many different lenses we use. Couples typically have a million queries about outfit choices. They ask us how to dress in general. (Answer: Wear something in which you KNOW you look good. You should feel comfortable, relaxed and not worried about how your clothes are fitting/hanging.) They want to know whether to bring a change of clothes. (Answer: Yes, if the location has a spot that makes that feasible. Some places have no public bathrooms. And some public bathrooms are not fit to walk into, let alone change in! If changing is not possible, accessories like jackets and scarves are a great way to turn one outfit into several). They wonder if they should wear matching outfits. (Answer: Not unless you want photos that look like a stereotypical holiday card.)

Northern Virginia Engagement Photographer: Common Questions

Probably the most common question that we get, however, concerns the location of their engagement shoot. If you are like most of the couples who hire us, you want something great for such important pictures. You want a location that makes your engagement photos stand out from the rest. Whether the site has a jaw-dropping backdrop or whether it has personal significance to you and your future spouse, you want it to be special. Naturally, you are likely to turn to folks like us for our recommendations. We have photographed couples in just about every corner of the Washington, DC, metro area and are always happy to share our thoughts on the relative merits of different sites. We can tell you the best places for any kind of photo, from those with a rustic feel to those with a more artistic vibe. We know the best spots for getting DC’s monuments in the frame and for getting a gorgeous sunrise behind you. We have photographed couples in little nooks that are off the beaten path but still very “Washington.” Whatever it is that you have in mind, we can offer you plenty of great recommendations.

Not every couple has a clear idea of what they are looking for, of course. Some folks just want to look great in their engagement photos and are not particular about where they are taken. If that describes you and your future spouse, then take heart. Because at the end of the day, the location of your engagement photo session does not matter all that much. Sure, a dazzling backdrop can look beautiful in a portrait of the two of you. But the only thing an unforgettable engagement picture really needs is a couple who cannot take their eyes off one another. If the images show two people who are genuinely in love, the viewer is unlikely to notice anything else. And that means you can take your engagement photos anywhere and still get reminders of your love that you will treasure forever.

This photo is a great example of that. We actually photographed these spouses-to-be in the subterranean garage of an apartment building in Arlington, Virginia. Is that something you notice when you look at the image? Our guess is probably not. Why? Because all we see in this picture is two people holding each other tenderly. We only notice the gentle physical intimacy that exists between them. We can only focus on how sweetly the man is kissing his wife-to-be. And in the end, is it not those sorts of things that matter most in an engagement photo? Are these elements not more important than a beautiful sunrise or a historical monument? Are they not what a couple like you would want to remember most?

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