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Lincoln Memorial Engagement Photography

Has the DC metro area played a role in your love story? If you are marrying here, our bet is that it has. Otherwise, Washington probably would not be the site of your nuptials! Maybe DC was where you and your future spouse first met. Or perhaps you fell in love here. Maybe your journey to the altar started with a proposal somewhere in the Nation’s Capital! Regardless of how the city fits into your story, it matters enough to host your celebrations. So it is natural if you want engagement photos with a genuinely “DC” look and feel. And in our experience, nothing says Washington quite like Lincoln Memorial engagement photography.

Typically Washington DC Engagement Photos

Before we get into what makes Lincoln Memorial engagement photography so compelling and so typically DC, let us acknowledge that the monument might not be the right choice for every couple. As we said above, Washington is a part of your individual relationship story. That means there are undoubtedly places in the city that are special to you and only you. Restaurants where you went on dates. Parks in which you took walks together. Museums that you both enjoy. And if you want to make any or all of those a part of your engagement photos, we think it is a great idea! In our experience as engagement photographers in DC, images that are personal are the ones couples love the best. There is just something special about a picture that would not mean anything to anyone other than you.

Lincoln Memorial Engagement Photography

If you are not exactly sure what your typically DC engagement photos should look like, though, the Lincoln Memorial is never a bad option. (For that matter, the entire National Mall is great for getting photos with a distinct Washington look and feel.) Why? For starters, it is one of the most famous structures in the world. People from around the world recognize its rectangular shape and majestic columns. More importantly for you, though, it is famous for being a part of the DC cityscape. We would guess that the Lincoln Memorial is on most people’s top five “Washington landmarks” list. So if you want something that says that DC was a part of your love story, everyone will get that message from Lincoln Memorial engagement photography.

Another thing that makes the monument a superb location for engagement photos is what it signifies. It is a tribute to one of our greatest presidents -- a true leader who kept the country together during one of its darkest periods. For that reason, the Lincoln Memorial is not only a local icon. It is national. And in a way, that makes engagement photos there even more typically DC. Because what is Washington if not a city meant to celebrate the best of us?

Gorgeous Engagement Photography at the Lincoln Memorial

It does not hurt that Lincoln Memorial engagement photography also looks fantastic! In addition to being recognizably “Washington,” the aforementioned fluted Doric columns are classically beautiful. They are also very versatile, from a photographic point of view. Engagement photographers in Washington DC can pose you between them and take closeup pictures. Those end up being beautifully intimate engagement portraits. We can also bring you to the lawn around the Lincoln Memorial for more expansive shots. This allows for portraits of you and your beloved with the Washington icon behind you.

Lincoln Memorial Engagement Photography Session

Neither of the future spouses in this engagement portrait were from the Nation’s Capital, as it turns out. But like many others, they moved to the DC area for their postgraduate studies and work after graduating from college. Not surprisingly, the city played a critical role in their love story. Most notably, it was where they decided to get married! And (perhaps more importantly) it is where they eventually tied the knot.

The couple exchanged their vows at the exquisite Dahlgren Chapel of the Sacred Heart. This church is part of the Georgetown University campus and a spot in which many alumni (like the couple) get married. After they officially became husband and wife, they celebrated with their wedding guests at the Omni Shoreham Hotel.

Like other couples whose love story started in DC, these two wanted the Nation’s Capital to feature in their engagement photos. For all the reasons mentioned above, we chose the Lincoln Memorial as the location for their session. We took a variety of different shots inside and around the monument -- a mix of closeups and wider-angle images. Our favorite, though, was this one. The bride-to-be was wearing very colorful clothes, and the sky above Washington was clear and sunny. We wanted to use these to create a vibrant “summer in Washington” image. So we stepped back with our cameras to include the green of the grass, the blue of the heavens and the white of the Lincoln Memorial. In doing so, we created exactly the kind of image they were looking for. One that was both beautiful and Washingtonian!

Photography Permits

If you are interested in booking a Lincoln Memorial engagement photography session with us, contact us today to talk about scheduling and pricing! Please note that professional photography anywhere on the National Mall (or on any other land that the National Park Service administers) requires a special permit. Please click here for more information.

Location: Lincoln Memorial, 2 Lincoln Memorial Cir NW, Washington, DC 20037.

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