Spring Engagement Session in Bright Red Poppy Field
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Spring Engagement Session in Bright Red Poppy Field

Flower fields are among the most beautiful locations for engagement photoshoots imaginable! The reasons why are pretty obvious. First and foremost, the colors of a field full of flowers in bloom cannot be beat. The reds, yellows, oranges or purples of the petals, in addition to the greens of the leaves and stalks, create a colorful tableau that makes a gorgeous backdrop for pictures of you and your future spouse. So if you love vibrant engagement portraits, give some thought to scheduling a flower field photoshoot. Like this awesome image of a couple posing in a field of red poppies, the pictures you get are sure to dazzle and delight!

How to Schedule a Flower Field Photoshoot

The only potential difficulty in having your engagement session in a flower field is the scheduling. Unlike DC’s monuments and memorials, most flowers aren’t there any time you like. The vast majority bloom only in the spring (though there are a few exceptions). So if you want to take advantage of the color they’ll add to your engagement images, you’ll need to plan your photoshoot during that time of year. In our experience, late March or early April are best for catching flowers in bloom in the DC metropolitan area.

Once you settle on the right date for your engagement session, the next step is to pick the location. If you already have a particular site in mind, great! Just let us know, and we’ll start prepping to shoot there. If you’re like most people, though, you probably just have a general idea of the vibe you want. Maybe you know the colors that work for you. Or perhaps which flowers you’d like surrounding you. If you do know that, then leave the rest to us. We’ve taken pictures of couples all over the Washington DC metro area and know all the best spots for flower field engagement sessions. Here’s what we’d recommend:


One of the most beautiful flowers that grows in and around the Nation’es Capital is the tulip. There are various locations in the DMV that turn absolutely gorgeous in the spring when the tulips are in bloom. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Netherlands Carillon. Right in front of the distinctive bell tower that is a memorial to Dutch-American friendship are several flower beds. Every spring, they explode with red, yellow, orange and white tulips. This location also offers great views of the DC skyline and the best sunrise in the metro area.
  • Floral Library. Near the Tidal Basin is a seemingly randomly placed series of flower beds. Like those near the Netherlands Carillon, these come alive every spring with a variety of tulips. If you’re doing a cherry blossom engagement shoot and need a break from the crowds, it’s a great spot for portraits that are every bit as beautiful as those along the Tidal Basin.
  • Edward J. Kelly Park. Want a spot that is really off the beaten path? Tucked behind the U.S. Department of State is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it little park. Though the main attraction is a tennis court, Edward J. Kelly Park is absolutely packed with tulips in the spring. As an added bonus, this location has a couple of benches you can sit and cuddle on.


We’ve written extensively about how great sunflower field engagement photos are. Click here to see a list of our favorite spots in the DMV for those.

A variety of different flowers

Not exactly sure which type of flower best suits your aesthetic preferences? Not a problem! You don’t even need to choose. There are several places in and around the Nation’s Capital in which a variety of different flowers grow. Here’s a short list of some of the ones we like best:

Vibrant Engagement Photoshoot in a Poppy Field

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to find the flowers in this image anywhere in the DMV (that we know of). We actually created it during a destination engagement session in Northern Germany, where poppies are very common flowers. The bride-to-be in this image was from a small town about an hour from the city of Hannover. One of the main tourist attractions in the village is a carefully cultivated poppy field just outside the town center. People come from miles around to see the field turn a vibrant red as the poppies bloom in the late spring and early summer. So naturally, when given a choice of where to have her engagement photos taken, this future bride immediately picked this field.

This session gave us the opportunity to explore creative ways to work the flowers into the images. We took closeup spring engagement photos of this couple kissing amid the blossoms. We captured wide-angle images of them embracing in a sea of red flowers. Additionally, we used our drone to get a picture in which the poppy field appears only in the background, a lovely patch of color livening up the overall scene. (That shot also included some cool-looking energy windmills on the horizon.)

Perhaps our favorite image of the day, though, was this one. We had them stand outside the field while we crouched in a path cut through the flowers by a tractor. From that angle, we were able to frame them with the poppies. So the eye goes immediately to them, but the rest of the frame is occupied by beautiful blobs of color.

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