Engagement at the New Town Hall in Hannover
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Engagement at the New Town Hall in Hannover

Working as a Washington, DC, wedding photographer is a great job. For starters, we get to take pictures of fiancés and newlyweds in one of the world’s most creative and vibrant markets. Another plus point is that the Washington metro area is the sixth-largest in the country. The Nation’s Capital is also a short drive from Baltimore. The combined size of the Baltimore-Washington urban area makes it the country’s fourth-largest. Philadelphia, America’s eighth-largest metropolitan area, is similarly accessible for DC wedding photographers. What this all means is that there are a lot of brides and grooms in and around the Nation’s Capital!

That Washington is the seat of the U.S. government and repository of American history also makes it a great venue for wedding photography. It is filled with iconic buildings like the US Capitol and White House. The Nation’s Capital is also home to many famous monuments and memorials. A Washington, DC, wedding photographer can spend decades shooting nuptials there and still have not brought couples to every landmark.

The vast majority of Washington’s monuments and memorials celebrate American history. The birth and development of our country are truly fascinating. They are but a blink of an eye compared to European history, however. We have photographed numerous weddings in Hannover, Germany, in the past two years and are constantly reminded of this. Seemingly every street corner in the city has buildings that predate the Declaration of Independence.

Hannover’s Staatsoper (or Opera House) is not that old, but it still looks like a grand masterpiece of a bygone era. Construction of the building finished in 1852, but its classical architecture gives it a timeless feel. The massive windows with rounded tops and elegant columns surrounding the entrance infuse the structure with a stateliness designed to awe. One can easily picture refined lords and ladies from the 1700s arriving at the front door in horse-drawn carriages. There is nothing quite like this in the Nation’s Capital. So taking engagement pictures at a place like the Staatsoper is a treat for DC wedding photographers like us!

We captured the image featured here just outside the Staatsoper during a winter engagement shoot. This lovely pair of fiancés came down from the nearby city of Hamburg to have their betrothal portraits done. They had not previously visited Hannover, so they asked us to pick the locations for their session. We were happy to oblige and arranged a photo tour of the city. The engagement photo shoot started at Hannover’s city hall, an impressive structure that is easily the town’s most recognizable landmark. Then we brought them over to the Staatsoper. For the reasons mentioned above, we knew that it had a lot of photographic potential.

The first set of engagement photos that we took were in the Staatsoper’s lobby. After that, we led the future spouses outside for some shots with the building’s exterior in the background. We posed them for some wider-angle images so that the magnificence of the Staatsoper was prominently displayed. Then we took them to the side of the edifice, where there are rows of carefully manicured hedges. This area was ideal for creating visually striking images. The lines of the hedges in the foreground of the pictures drew the eye very effectively to the couple embracing.

Our favorite image of the fiancés at the Staatsoper happened as we were about to leave for the next venue. We were starting to pack up our gear, and the bride-to-be was feeling a little chilly. Her doting fiancé kept her warm the best way he knew how: by giving her a big hug. He whispered something in her ear at that moment, and she responded with a smile. We recognized the beauty of that moment and immediately snapped off a few pictures. We eschewed a wider-angle shot in favor of one focused tightly on the couple. As stately as the Staatsoper is, the real story was going on in the few inches separating the fiancés. Any good Washington, DC, wedding photographer knows that no backdrop can beat genuine, beautiful emotions. When they saw this image, the spouses-to-be agreed!

Location: Neues Rathaus, Trammplatz 2, 30159 Hannover.

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