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Alpaca Wedding Photos

Do you love animals? We sure do! But do you REALLY love them? As in, do love them enough to make them a part of your wedding celebrations? If so, then you are not alone! In our time as wedding photographers, we have had the pleasure of capturing on film many nuptial events that included animals. Mostly, we have produced wedding photos with dogs. Not a big surprise, right? Dogs are adorable and can be trained to participate in critical parts of your wedding! Maybe, though, you are looking for something else. Perhaps you are not a dog person. Or maybe you want something that stands out a little more. If so, then an alpaca wedding might be right for you. We can tell you that that wedding experience will be unlike anything you have seen before. And that your alpaca wedding photos will be cuter than you can imagine!

Why Alpacas Are Some of the Best Animals to Hire for Weddings

Before we get into the ways in which you can have an alpaca at your wedding, let us first talk about what makes them such a great addition to your celebrations. For starters, they are pretty darn cute! Their “smiling” faces will certainly bring joy to your wedding event and positive energy to your wedding photography.

Alpacas are also very trainable, which means they are some of the best animals to hire for weddings. A lot of farms have taught their animals to accompany couples down the aisle and to act as “best men” and “maids of honor” during a ceremony. So having an alpaca in your wedding is really quite easy!

How to Make Alpacas a Part of Your Wedding Day

Interested in organizing an alpaca-themed wedding? There are a couple of ways to make them a part of your marriage celebrations:

Option 1: Alpaca Wedding Rental

The first is to rent an alpaca for your wedding. From what we have seen in our time as photographers, this is the only way to hire alpacas for a wedding near the Nation’s Capital. (As far as we know. We have never encountered any alpaca farms in the DMV that will host weddings on their premises. But it is possible that there is one we do not know about.)

The nice thing about an alpaca wedding rental is that you have a lot of freedom of choice as far as your venue is concerned. (Not an unlimited choice, of course. Your venue needs to be ok with having animals on the premises. Most indoor wedding venues are obviously out.) But for the most part, you can pick your location, and the alpacas will come to you. And that means that you can have an alpaca in your wedding without having to design your entire event around them.

Option 2: Alpaca Farm Wedding

But what if you love the idea of a marriage celebration with an overall alpaca theme? In that case, you can choose to have your entire wedding ceremony and portraits done at an actual alpaca farm. Then you will have these lovely animals in the background of almost all your wedding photos. Which means you REALLY have a wedding with alpacas!

As we mentioned above, we are not aware of any alpaca farms that double as DC wedding venues. However, we do know some great ones overseas. So if you are already thinking about a destination wedding and like the idea of making it an alpaca farm wedding, then we have some good recommendations.

Alpaca Farm Wedding Venue in Germany

To give you an example, we know a great alpaca farm that hosts weddings just outside of Hannover Germany. (The latter is Anji’s hometown, so we have photographed a bunch of weddings there.) Alpakahof Kananohe is a working alpaca farm in a lovely rural setting in the middle of the German forest.

It is also a superb alpaca farm wedding venue that gives you the possibility of tying the knot with a bunch of furry guests cheering you on. The venue’s main ceremony space is a small lawn area tucked next to one of the alpaca paddocks. The “altar” area is just feet from the fence, meaning curious alpacas regularly wander by to check out the proceedings.

Adorable Alpaca Wedding Photos

That is exactly what happened during this lovely couple’s wedding. And the timing could not have been better! As the couple was tying the knot, two alpacas came over to see what was going on. And just when the new husband and wife exchanged a sweet and tender kiss, the two “wedding guests” decided to exchange one of their own! The resulting images ranked among the sweetest alpaca wedding photos we have ever taken.

The moment preserved on film in this image is the sort that documentary wedding photographers like us dream of capturing. Why? Because we are always striving to tell the story of your wedding day with our pictures. We want to capture the spirit and vibe of the day. So when it is fun (like it pretty much has to be with alpacas involved), we want to give you pictures that show that. Just like this one does!

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Location: Alpakahof Kananohe, Kananohe 11, 30855 Langenhagen, Germany.

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