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Baltimore Inner Harbor Wedding Photos

It’s really important to get wedding pictures that show where you got married. Not just ones with the venue in the background. (Though your wedding photographers should be sure to get those too!) But some of your wedding photos should also highlight the city where you tie the knot. Why? Because those images should tell your love story. And the location of your wedding is often a significant part of it. Maybe it’s where you met and fell in love. Maybe it’s where one of you grew up and where you introduced your future spouse to your family for the first time. The point is you’ve chosen the city for a reason. So the photos from your wedding day need to capture that important piece of your story. Like this Baltimore Inner Harbor wedding photo did for this couple.

Baltimore Waterfront Weddings

Every major city in the US has a landmark or a place that is an inextricable part of it. Something that you immediately recognize and that makes you think of that metropolis. Certain cities have dozens of them. Our home city of Washington DC might have more than any other place in the world. The US Capitol, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial are all world-famous symbols of the Nation’s Capital. And those are just the most obvious landmarks! There are many, many other spots that give your wedding pictures a “DC flavor.”

Though it’s not Washington DC when it comes to recognizable landmarks, Baltimore definitely has some locations that stand out. And that will help tell the world the Baltimore “chapter” of your love story. (Or at the very least, highlight that your wedding took place in Charm City!)

Perhaps nothing is more representative of Baltimore, though, than the Inner Harbor area. It is very much the city’s centerpiece. Almost literally, as Baltimore appears to curl around the water when viewed from above. Historically the home to the shipbuilding and steel industries, the waterfront has become a vibrant, thriving commercial district. The museums, restaurants and concert venues attract thousands of tourists and residents every year, especially in the summer. It is one of the most beautiful places in Charm City on a summer day.

The Inner Harbor also now hosts a good half-dozen awesome venues for Baltimore waterfront weddings. The majority are luxury hotels that offer gorgeous views of the water. And nearly all of them are just minutes from the water. So getting Baltimore Harbor wedding photos couldn’t be easier if you book one of these venues for your celebrations!

Baltimore Inner Harbor Wedding Photos

Of course, you don’t have to have your whole wedding on the waterfront to get killer Baltimore Inner Harbor wedding photos! You can easily make a stop off there for some post-ceremony portraits on your way to your reception venue.

Or you can do what this couple did. Though they exchanged their vows at The Baltimore Basilica and had their wedding reception at The Winslow (a cool venue with an industrial vibe tucked behind M&T Bank Stadium), they got ready for their wedding at a waterfront hotel. So after a very sweet first look on the venue’s roof, the couple and their wedding party made the short walk over to the Inner Harbor.

We created a lot of different portraits for these future spouses in the Baltimore Inner Harbor, but this one ended up being our favorite. Why? For starters, we love pictures with a bit of dynamism and motion. So the couple walking across the frame is very visually pleasing. Especially the way in which their legs are perfectly in sync. What looks even better on film, though, is connection. So the groom looking back at his bride-to-be with a smile that she returns adds another layer to the image.

What we love the most about this Baltimore Inner Harbor wedding photo, though, is how it captures everything that is magical about the waterfront. It includes the water, which is sparkling in the springtime sun. At the same time, we took the picture from a relatively low angle, so there is a bit of the sky soaring above them as well. But perhaps most importantly, the Baltimore skyline behind the couple communicates where they got married.


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