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Are you or your future spouse a member of the U.S. armed forces? If so, are you debating whether to include military elements in your wedding celebrations? Given that each of us is a Northern Virginia wedding photographer, we have documented a lot of marital events. Not surprisingly, one or both halves of the couple have been active-duty soldiers in a lot of them. Many of them have found ways to weave military traditions into their marriage celebrations. We can tell you from experience that they can be great additions to your wedding day. They are laden with the kind of emotional meaning and significance that makes for great wedding photography. So if you are thinking about including them, we heartily recommend that you do so!

Adding traditional military rituals to your marriage celebrations also help give your nuptials a very DC feel. Washington is the home of the American government, so the city teems with military personnel. Some work at the Pentagon. Other are stationed at one of the many the other bases and installations in the metro area. There are so many soldiers in and around the Nation’s Capital that it is rare to meet a Washington resident who is is not a current/former soldier or closely related to someone who is. The military is also an integral part of DC’s culture. So a “military” wedding often has a Washingtonian feel without even trying!

We love this element of working as Northern Virginia wedding photographers, because nuptials with a military component are among our favorite types to photograph. We appreciate the service of U.S. soldiers to this country and like to be able to support them when the tie the knot. As such, we offer substantial discounts to active-duty military personnel who book our wedding photography services.

Military Wedding Photos

Coming back to the emotional significance of military wedding traditions, we have found that they take the normal feelings experienced during a marriage celebration and push them up a notch. Which can result in some really unforgettable photos. At any wedding, the time that couples spend hanging out with their family and friends almost always leads to some lovely and meaningful images. Sometimes those pictures capture funny moments — a best man teasing a groom about some embarrassing incident in the past, for example. In other instances, that time allows future spouses to remember little things that brought tears to their eyes. For instance, when a bride’s sister tells her how beautiful she looks in her wedding dress.

All of these moments become more significant when the bonds that unite your wedding party extend beyond kinship or friendship. Having your comrades by your side to support you means more when you are or have been part of a special and exclusive team or have placed your lives in one another’s hands. Every laugh and every tear seems to mean so much more when you have had those kinds of shared experiences with your bridesmaids or groomsmen.

Northern Virginia Winery Wedding Photos

That was certainly the case for the couple in the image featured here. As it turned out, both are members of the armed forces. They met at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. They then continued to date after they graduated and began their careers in the armed forces. Though they are both currently stationed in California, they decided to celebrate their nuptials in the area in which their love story started. The lovely bride and groom exchanged their vows in a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony at Blue Valley Vineyard and Winery. The latter is one of the most gorgeous wedding venues in Northern Virginia’s wine-producing region. After the ceremony concluded, we took them for a short stroll through the vines for their couples portraits. As you can see in this photograph, the sun setting behind them illuminated the bride’s veil and dress beautifully, giving her an almost ethereal glow, and the green of the hills in the background complemented the white of her dress and his uniform perfectly.

Location: Blue Valley Vineyard and Winery, 5535 Blue Valley Way, Delaplane, VA 20144.

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