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Documentary Style Baltimore Wedding Reception Photo

Though we live and work in Washington DC, we are also proud to call ourselves Baltimore wedding photographers. And even prouder that we get to help couples in the Charm City document their marriage celebrations. Yes, we are based in the DC metro area. But Baltimore is not that far away. Especially for a husband and wife team who have spent most of their adult lives moving from one country to the next! So if you are planning a Baltimore wedding in the near future, please get in touch with us. We would love to hear more about what you have planned for your Charm City wedding!

Baltimore Wedding Photographers Know The Best Venues...

So what does it mean to be Baltimore wedding photographers? Especially if the professionals in question do not actually live in the Charm City? In our mind, it starts with an intimate familiarity with the city. More specifically as it relates to your needs, it is about knowing the best wedding venues in Baltimore.

Since the day we first picked up our cameras, we have had the good fortune to photograph dozens of weddings in Baltimore. As a result, we have had the chance to work at many of the city’s wedding venues. We have seen the full range of what Baltimore has to offer couples who are getting married. And more importantly, we have served as Baltimore wedding photographers for couples like you at all sorts of different wedding venues in the Charm City.

For example, we have photographed grooms getting ready at The Quinntessential Gentleman (or The QQ), a unique men’s club. We have also captured images of them spending a moment with their groomsmen at luxury establishments like the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel. Hotel Indigo Baltimore, a boutique wedding venue, has served as the setting for spectacular photos of brides getting into their wedding dresses. We have documented wedding ceremonies at many of Baltimore’s most prominent houses of worship, such as St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and the Baltimore Basilica. At the same time, we have photographed massive Indian wedding celebrations at the Baltimore Waterfront Marriott. Speaking of celebrations, we have taken pictures of wedding receptions at unique venues like the Harry Potteresque George Peabody Library and the gorgeous Cylburn Arboretum.

...And Where To Take The Best Couples Portraits in Baltimore

The locations you choose for getting ready, marrying and celebrating are not necessarily going to be the only settings for your photos. Your Baltimore wedding photographers will almost certainly be photographing you at other locations around the city. For your couples portraits in particular, you might want more of the rest of Baltimore as a backdrop.

This makes perfect sense to us as Baltimore wedding photographers, of course. If you are having a Charm City wedding, it is likely that the city has played an important part in your love story. Maybe you are from there, meaning it shaped who you are today. Or perhaps you and your spouse-to-be met for the first time somewhere in Baltimore. It could be that the two of you moved to the Charm City together in what was certainly a momentous step in your relationship. Whatever the case, Baltimore means something special to the two of you. For that reason, your Baltimore wedding photography needs to highlight that. It must make it clear where your wedding is taking place.

Fortunately for you, we have done lots of couples portrait sessions at Charm City weddings. As such, we know the most uniquely “Baltimore” spots. There is the Inner Harbor, of course. We could probably spend three hours photographing you there and barely scratch the surface! Similarly, Federal Hill gives you a stunning view of the city’s skyline and uniquely Baltimorean images. Couples portraits inside the world-famous National Aquarium are truly one-of-a-kind. And if you want a more rustic vibe, the aforementioned Cylburn Arboretum offers acres of the best Mother Nature has to offer. We will even photograph you at M&T Bank Stadium if you like (though that might kill the one of us who is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan).

Bouquet Toss by Baltimore Wedding Photographers

We captured this particular image at a Baltimore wedding celebration at Martin’s East. As you can see, we took the picture just as this bride was tossing her bouquet into the air over her head. There are probably a half-dozen great spots from which to take pictures of this part of a Charm City wedding. Baltimore wedding photographers can photograph it from the side to show the distance between the bride and the women reaching for the flowers. That approach also highlights the visually pleasing arc created by the bride’s arms, bouquet and arms of the women. A more daring angle can be achieved by the wedding photographer lying down on the floor near the crowd. The photos taken from that spot often show just the flowers and a bunch of hands grabbing for them.

Sometimes, however, the most straightforward tack yields the best results. As you can see, we took this particular image while standing directly in front of this Baltimore bride. Because of the lens we chose, we managed to capture her arm stretching above her, the bouquet in the air and the single women in eager anticipation behind her. Our choice of positioning also got us the element that makes this photo particularly special. By facing the bride, we were able to capture that brilliant smile that is lighting up her face. It does not just show how happy she is to be having some fun with her female wedding guests. The smile tells us that this one moment is part of one of the happiest days of her life. The day on which she tied the knot with the man she loves.

Location: Martin's Caterers, 9000 Pulaski Hwy, Middle River, MD 21220.

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