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Fun Wedding Ring Photos on Hands

As your wedding photographers, we document what makes your marriage celebration special. With that in mind, we focus on all the things that are personal to you. That starts with the moments and the emotions, of course. We’ll also be sure to document all the parts of your day that somehow reflect who you are as a couple. And we’ll also take the time to get pictures of all the items that give your wedding its own individual feel. Your dress, your shoes, your veil, your grandparents’ photo in your bouquet, your cufflinks, your special socks. Whatever gives your marriage a bit of personality, we’ll make sure to get photos of them. But they won’t just be ordinary images of those items sitting there. We want to add life to the scene to make the images unforgettable. Like this fun photo of rings on hands from a VA wedding.

Why We Want to Give You Creative Wedding Detail Shots

As we alluded to above, your wedding rings are an important part of a broader category of special items known as “details.” Those include all of the things we mentioned in the previous paragraph, plus anything else that personalizes your celebrations. That might mean your invitations, ceremony and reception decor, or wedding party gifts. All of it matters to you in some way, and you’re almost certainly going to want pictures of all of it on your wedding day.

And rest assured that we will capture images of anything and everything that is important to you. But we’re going to try to add creativity to the detail shots we do for you. Forget the classic “flat lay” images you might be picturing. (If you’re not familiar with the term, flat lays are the intricately detail displays that your photographers arrange and take pictures of.) There’s nothing wrong with those shots, of course. We just prefer images with more life and more creativity. Your details are special to you. They are personal. So ordinary, average photos of them aren’t good enough. You need something as unique as the items themselves. Something creative and different.

More importantly, your wedding detail shots need more context. We want to show not just the items, but why they matter to you. Why you chose to make them a part of your wedding celebrations. What the story behind them is. What makes them personal to you. And though there’s nothing wrong with flat lays, they focus more on beauty than storytelling. So we choose a different tack.

Fun Ring Photos on Hands at VA Wedding

One way we do that is to try to get shots of your details in action. Either on you, in the case of clothes and shoes, or being used by you in some way. So when it comes to your wedding rings, we want to capture images of them on your hands. By showing the role they play in your event and will play in your life, it gives the photos that context we were just talking about.

But we don’t want to just capture images of your rings on your hands. Sure it shows what the rings are for, but those shots don’t have much life or creativity. Ideally, we can get a picture like this for you. One that shows your wedding rings “in action” in some way. And one that gives some insight into your personalities. What brought you together. And why you’re committing to each other in the way the rings represent.

For the couple at this VA wedding at The Refinery in Culpeper, that meant highlighting their goofy sides. It was clear from the moment the bride tackled the groom during their first look that their shared sense of humor is an important part of their “relationship personality.” In most of their wedding portraits, they found ways to get silly. So we knew that their ring shots needed some funny elements as well.

That’s how we ended up taking this fun photo of their rings on their hands. We asked them to do something goofy, and they didn’t disappoint. They struck a silly power pose, and we got in close to highlight the rings. The result? A ring photo that helps tell the story of the VA wedding in a creative and meaningful way.

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