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Venues for destination weddings in the Dominican Republic do not get much better than the Now Larimar Punta Cana. This luxury hotel has everything you would want for a marriage celebration in a tropical locale. For starters, it offers affordable all-inclusive packages for your entire event. From your ceremony to rooms for you and your guests to food and drink, one price gets you everything. The Now Larimar Resort also gives you great spaces for your nuptial events. The main ceremony area is a lovely gazebo at the end of a long pool and fountain. Afterwards, you and your guests can move to the beach for an open-air reception surrounded by sand, surf and stars. But the best part about this destination wedding venue? Now Larimar wedding photos are absolutely spectacular.

Key to Awesome Now Larimar Wedding Photos? The Spaces!

Ok, that last bit shows our bias a little. We are, after all, destination wedding photographers! But lack of impartiality aside, Now Larimar wedding photos really are the stuff of dreams. They are the kind in which you look gorgeous. The kind that highlight the beauty of the tropical setting of your marriage celebrations. And most importantly, the kind that perfectly capture the most meaningful moments from your wedding day. Why? It starts with the great spaces that the Now Larimar Punta Cana offers you.

Now Larimar Punta Cana Destination Wedding Bride Photos

Stunning Bridal Portraits

It starts just about from the moment you get into your wedding dress. The Now Larimar Resort’s main getting-ready area is a room adjoining its luxury spa. The hidden gem in that space is a smaller back room with a large window facing a garden. Bamboo posts line the outside, giving you privacy. At the same time, they let in plenty of filtered natural light. That makes it a perfect place for gorgeous bridal portraits. Your destination wedding photographers can get lovely closeups of you looking stunning while bathed in that flattering filtered light. Or then can get a wider angle shot of the sweep of your train in front of a beautifully textured background. (You can see how spectacular that looks in the image above.) The options for your Now Larimar wedding photos are nothing if not diverse!

Unforgettable Images of Your Walk to the Altar

The next space where you are going to get one-of-a-kind images is the aforementioned fountain leading to the main ceremony area. That pool is easily 40 meters long. If you start your walk to the altar at the far end (as most do), it will take you more than a couple of minutes to get there. That gives your guests plenty of time to gasp at how beautiful you look before you reach your future spouse. More importantly, it makes it more likely that the emotions of the moment will have overwhelmed him or her before you arrive. Some of the best Now Larimar wedding photos these Punta Cana wedding photographers took at this destination marriage celebration featured the groom sobbing uncontrollably as this bride slowly approached him.

Spectacular Now Larimar Wedding Reception Photos on the Beach

The last spot for gorgeous wedding images at the Now Larimar Punta Cana is the venue’s beach. No big surprise there, right? After all, that part is probably the reason why you are booking a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic in the first place! Obviously, the beach is ideal for your couples portraits. Images of you and your new spouse embracing in the surf cannot be beat. (Want a pro tip? Ask your destination wedding photographers to get up early the day after your wedding for some post-wedding sunrise portraits by the water. The Now Larimar Resort’s beach faces east, and the sky lights up purple, red, orange and yellow most mornings.)

Now Larimar wedding photos of your reception will be no less unforgettable. The pictures of you and your guests dancing the night away beneath the stars will take your breath away. The contrast between the lights your DJ and photographers will have set up and the darkness of the night around you is sure to be striking. As you can see in the image featured here.

Photos from Now Larimar Wedding

The bride at this marriage celebration got every one of the unforgettable Now Larimar wedding photos we talked about above. Her bridal portraits in front of the bamboo posts were as lovely as she looked on her wedding day. The pictures of her groom sobbing as she walked up the aisle were a testament to the depths of their love for one another. And the images of she and her guests partying on the beach highlighted just how crazy their wedding reception was. In every one, you can literally feel how much fun she and her friends and family were having. And photos that capture the excitement and enjoyment of a reception dance floor are ones that you are sure to treasure for a lifetime.

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Location: Now Larimar Resort, S/N El Cortecito, Avenida Alemania, Punta Cana 23000, Dominican Republic.

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