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Being documentary Northern VA wedding photographers means committing ourselves to capturing the emotions of your marriage celebration on film. We will preserve forever whatever happens that day and whatever you and your guests are feeling in those moments. Our goal is always to allow you to re-experience those emotions whenever you look at the pictures we take for you.

Northern VA Wedding Photographers' #1 Job: Preserving Joy Forever

It almost goes without saying that a wedding is a joyous event and that the predominant emotion is happiness. Your event will be a celebration of you and your future spouse exchanging vows and committing to spending a lifetime together. Obviously, you two are going to be happy! And your Northern VA wedding photographers need to make sure that they are capturing that on film.

But you will not be the only ones experiencing that joy. Your parents are certainly going to share in your happiness. The same is true of your siblings, friends and other assorted guests present. They are there at your marriage celebration to support someone they care about and bear witness to them marrying the person they love. How can they feel anything but happiness? So documentary Northern VA wedding photographers must ensure they are also recording that part of your wedding-day story.

That is exactly how we approach our job as photojournalistic Northern VA wedding photographers. We are always on the lookout for those kinds of moments at a marriage celebration. We want you to remember everything that was good about your wedding, and we photograph those moments whenever they happen. The pictures you receive should show you how happy everyone is for you when you are at the altar saying, “I do.”

Northern VA Wedding Photographers' #2 Job: Capturing More Complex Emotions

At the same time, there might be times when someone at your wedding feels something other than happiness. Or perhaps it is better to say that sometimes the joy is tempered by other emotions, turning people’s feelings into something a little more complex. We believe it is the job of any good documentary Northern VA wedding photographers to preserve those moments for you as well. As we mentioned above, we want you to be able to re-experience your entire wedding day when you look at your photos. In our opinions, you deserve as complete a story of your marriage celebrations as we can give you.

Before we continue, though, we should probably explain what we mean by “more complex” emotions. A good example would be what your parents are feeling when watching you tie the knot. Though their hearts will be bursting with pride and elation, they might feel a little twinge of sadness at the same time. Not because they are unhappy, of course, but because they have to acknowledge that their little girl or little boy is all grown up and about to start a new phase in their life. So the tears they will shed are mostly joyous, but with little drops of sadness mixed in.

In a similar vein, one or both of you might be feeling nervous as you are getting ready. You are still happy, of course, but feeling a few butterflies in your stomach at the same time. Feeling those conflicting emotions is an important part of your wedding-day story. And as such, something that your Northern VA wedding photographers cannot leave out of their narration of your marriage celebrations.

Photos of Kids by Northern VA Wedding Photographers

This particular image features another example of the kind of scene to which we are referring. This adorable little boy was the groom’s son from a previous relationship. He had been an absolute champ throughout a very taxing day. But when it came time for the ceremony, he was starting to get a little overwhelmed. So when his dad left him with his grandparents and went up to the altar, things became a bit too much for the little man. There were a lot of people around, and he clearly did not entirely understand what was happening. His grandmother could sense that he was getting overheated and put a hand gently on his head to comfort him. Her gesture was a beautiful and tender moment that any Northern VA wedding photographers would be very happy to get on film.

The other emotion that we noticed on his face, though, was concern. He obviously loved and had a great relationship with the woman who was going to become his dad’s new wife. At the same time, though, he could not help but be worried about his father. Despite his grandmother’s attempts to comfort him, that concern was written all over his face.

We love that this particular photograph shows this emotion, because just like the joy on the face of the maid of honor as her friend or sister gets married, the little boy’s concern comes from a place of love. And to us, love means being happy for someone when they exchange vows with their future spouse. At the same time, it also means worrying about them because you only want the best in life for them. And when a photograph shows that, it becomes the type you will treasure for the rest of your life.

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